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If I purchase device X1 will it talk to device X2 if they are the same manufacturer?

In all fairness, replacing an existing 3-way setup is one of the most perplexing jobs for the DIY automation installer. It shouldn't be that hard, but pre-existing conditions may work against you. In order to replace an existing dumb switch setup in your home with a smart solution, you will need to replace both switches with a load control (master) and slave (aux) pair of the same make. Most or all of our manufacturers have wiring diagrams to show the expected setup for the pair. The master controls the load and contains a Z-Wave chip. The auxiliary switch controls the master and contains no chip. Please keep that in mind when building your mesh network. There are about 20 possible ways an electrician could have wired a 3 (or 4, 5) way switch in your home. Do a google search for 3-Way switch, and you will see diagrams for a good number of them (we didn't include them here for copyright reasons). Many of these existing wiring setups will not match the expected configuration. It is up to you to figure out how yours wires run and act accordingly. Sometimes an electrician needs to get involved to move the load to one side or another. If you're lucky (or have a newer home) you'll have the load in one box, and just a traveler in the other. The load becomes your master. It's easier than it sounds, once you know you're not just randomly exchanging devices. And unfortunately, neutrals are still required in this setup, which adds another dimension to the project. There is a way to do a virtual 3-Way switch, if you don't have a traveler wire (for 'new' 3-Way setups not wired as such) but it can be complicated, and it requires switches from a specific brand. Contact us for more information.

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