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How does Z-Wave technology stack up against other home automation providers, like ZigBee?

Z-Wave and ZigBee have a lot in common. First of all, both run on a mesh network, which means that each device, or “node,” in the system acts as both a data source and a messenger, which enables signals to “hop” from one device to another without having to travel all the way to the hub. This means that the more devices you have, the better they’ll connect with each other.

So, what makes Z-Wave different? Well, Z-Wave boasts a higher level of interoperability than ZigBee due to the radio frequency employed. Far more devices will operate with Z-Wave than with ZigBee, and this means that your Z-Wave network will be superior, because the more devices you have, the stronger your network. Plus, consumers consistently rate Z-Wave as more user-friendly and easier to install.

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