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Which utilities are most commonly controlled under the Z-Wave network?

In a Z-Wave enhanced smart home, users tend to prioritize security above all else, first installing alarm systems and related utilities – Z-Wave motion sensors/detectors, sirens, lighting systems, and cameras. The Z-Wave network and utilities enable remote access to heating and cooling – as well automated temperature regulation, since many Z-Wave thermometers can detect changes in temperature and humidity, then adjust heating and cooling units accordingly.

The Z-Wave network and utilities mean you can save water by installing smart Z-Wave water sensors, pumps, and valves. You’ll be able to set music and lighting preferences from afar, and you’ll never have to come home to a dark house again – with the Z-Wave network and utilities, you’ll be able to program your smart home to unlock the door, turn on the lights, and even start the oven before you arrive.

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