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How exactly do the Z-Wave network and utilities work?

In a Z-Wave enabled smart home, devices and utilities accept requests wirelessly, which allows homeowners to unlock their doors, turn down the heat, and shut their sprinklers off with a few simple taps to their smart phone or tablet. Here’s how it works: First, the Z-Wave network is installed. The Z-Wave network is a strong but very lightweight wireless network that will never interrupt your WIFI – the signal you use to check email, stream video, and browse the Web.

Once the network’s been installed – and that’s something you can do yourself, since Z-Wave technology is designed to be user-friendly and easily activated – you’ll select and install a Z-Wave controller or hub. The hub is the heart of the home; it fields messages from all smart devices, then directs pertinent information to you, the user, via a simple alert to your smart phone or tablet.

Once you’ve got the controller and network up and running, you can add Z-Wave utilities, which will “speak” to the controller right away. Start small – a Z-Wave dimmer here, a Z-Wave motion sensor there – and soon you’ll be reaping the benefits – financial and psychological – of an automated home.

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