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Dozens of network and utilities providers exist, specializing in everything from architecture to consulting to technical support. What sets Z-Wave technology unique?

The Z-Wave network and utilities can provide everything a traditional custom home control system might, except the Z-Wave network and utilities are wireless, operating on a low-frequency radio signal all its own. And because Z-Wave runs on a “mesh” system, in which messages “hop” from one device to the next rather than travelling all the way to the hub, your Z-Wave network and utilities are sure to function seamlessly, even in a large home.

Z-Wave’s rigorous compatibility testing means your products are always highly interoperable, functioning across a range of platforms. And though you’ll find your Z-Wave network to be robust and effective, it also requires very little energy to operate. With guaranteed network security, you won’t have to worry about electronic breaches, and the Z-Wave network and utilities will easily accommodate updates, even years down the line.

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