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Why should I invest in a lighting control system?

Smart wireless lighting control systems allow you to shut off every light in the home with a few taps to your smartphone’s screen – or by simply entering a room. You can dim lights and set “scenes” from your smartphone or tablet – from anywhere. You can program your lighting control system to activate at random times in the night to dissuade prowlers. And though “wired” lighting systems cost tens of thousands of dollars to install, “smart” wireless lighting control systems can cost only a fraction.

It’s been proven that automated – “smart’ – homeowners pay less in heating, cooling, and electrical costs. With carefully monitored lighting, you’ll save energy and money while eliminating hassle and inconvenience. And peace of mind is a valuable thing: With, a smart lighting control system, you’re alerted when a smoke alarm battery is running low, a heat wave is about to hit town, or an intruder is detected on the property – even if you’re miles from home.

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