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Where do I find the best lighting control system?

LeGrand, General Electric, Lutron Electronics, and Philips continue to dominate the lighting control systems market, but that’s changing. Innovative, boutique-style home automation enterprises like Clare Controls, Greenwave Reality, Homeseer, Perceptive Automation, and Z-Wave are just a few clicks away; they can offer everything from smart bulbs and switches to smart home planning and lighting control system installation.

Ultimately, you may either purchase smart lighting control products piecemeal – a switch here, a controller there. DIY installation and maintenance is possible in the realm of smart homes, but make sure you have access to some level of support if you need it.

Or, consider working with a few select suppliers, contractors, or consultants to create a tailored solution that includes installation, software, and hardware – as well as support. Z-Wave offers easy-to-install kits—there’s the You’ll Never Come Home to a Dark House Kit, for example, available at

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