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Wireless Light Switch

Which wireless light switches are best?

Leviton’s Decora Z-Wave Controls 15-Amp Scene Capable Switch is highly popular with consumers. Boasting sleek, elegant design, the Decora is priced slightly higher than the basic wireless light switch, weighing in at just around forty dollars. Highly compatible across a range of automation platforms, including Z-Wave and Amazon’s Alexa and Wink, the Decora functions with a range of bulbs and is scene capable, which means it functions easily alongside other devices to create tailored, unique “scenes,” like a cozy, gently-lit room paired with heat and music.

But if you aren’t satisfied with Leviton’s offerings, explore Linear, Topgreener, Aeon Labs, Enerwave, and more. The future of smart lighting is bright, so take the time to explore the ways a wireless light switch could illuminate your life.

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