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What’s the latest in smart home security products?

If it’s simply old-fashioned security you’re after, your smart home product search won’t leave you lacking. Security add-ons by Linear, Schlage, FortrezZ LLC, and Yale enable you enhance and take control of the security measures you already have in place. Sirens, strobe alarms, window sensors, and locks make it easy to connect every element of your security system to your “hub.”

Or, consider a “package deal.” For example, the ADT Pulse represents a streamlined, economical home security solution. ADT, a household name in the realm of home security, has also long been paired with high costs and cumbersome maintenance. Now, however, ADT’s “Pulse” service enables users to access ADT home security for a fraction of the traditional cost, by making professional monitoring an option on third-party hardware, like Z-Wave smart home solutions.

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