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Frequently Asked Questions - Home Automation

Answers From Z-Wave Experts

Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers about Z-Wave Home Automation. If you still have questions, please ask one of our experts here.

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Thousands of automated home providers exist, specializing in everything from architecture to consulting to technical support. What makes Z-Wave technology unique?

Z-Wave offers everything a traditional custom control system might, except Z-Wave automated home technology is wireless and operates on a low-frequency radio signal of its own, so it will never interfere with your WIFI. Because Z-Wave runs on a “mesh” system, it is sure to function seamlessly even in large homes.

And you won’t encounter compatibility issues: Z-Wave automation functions with all major electronics brands, so you won’t have an issue syncing a range of devices to the hub. And though you’ll find your Z-Wave network to be powerful and robust, it also requires very little energy to run and maintain. Finally, Z-Wave’s secure network means you don’t have to worry about electronic security breaches. And Z-Wave automated home technology will easily accommodate updates, even as technology advances and existing devices are replaced.

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