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Wireless Light Switch

Why not just stick with my old light switch?

For most of us, we’ve learned the hard way that if it ain’t broke, we needn’t fix it. But the same may not apply when it comes to your current light switch. Sure, you’ve been relying on the same simple switch - maybe even equipped with dimmer capabilities – to light your home, illuminate your driveway, or guide the way through the garage.

Yet smart switches can offer you a lot more than you’d think – and at a fraction of the cost you might imagine. Priced at around twenty dollars, today’s wireless light switches are affordable and surprisingly easy to install. Plus, you’ll be able to access your home’s lighting from anywhere, even if you’re all the way across town – or across the globe. With smart lighting, your neighbors won’t even know you left!

From a purely indulgent standpoint, consider this: smart light switches can transform Monday-night meatloaf into something special. They can enhance bath time, bedtime, story hour, and movie night. Wireless light switches extend the lifetimes of light bulbs while delivering infinite lighting options. In other words, they’re integral to a home’s functionality – and to its beauty.

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