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Wireless lighting

Is wireless lighting difficult to install?

Thankfully, today’s wireless lighting technology in no way resembles the clunky processes of yore. You’ll probably be able to install your wireless lighting on your own, in fact, since the majority of today’s smart lighting solutions are designed with ease of use in mind. Many wireless lighting accessories, from switches to timers, come paired with simple apps that let you monitor energy use, turn lights on and off, and set pre-programmed scenes – even if you’re all the way across town.

If you choose to install the Z-Wave wireless network, understand that you’re investing in robust, streamlined technology for the long haul. Installation is designed to be simple enough for most DIYers to complete—but the faint of heart can find assistance online in Z-Wave’s exhaustive resource bank. Z-Wave’s site also features installer databases, DIY support videos, informative articles, and detailed FAQ pages.

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