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Home Surveillance Systems

How long will my home surveillance system last before it needs repair or replacement?

So many of us have been burned by expensive gadgets that turn out to be faulty. Our phones, televisions, and even cars seem to have a much shorter lifespan than they used to – so why should home surveillance systems be any different?

Enter Z-Wave. All Z-Wave devices, from water sensors and heating and cooling units to home surveillance systems, must undergo rigorous certification processes in order to meet evolving industry standards. In addition, Z-Wave devices, including outdoor cameras, motion sensors, and door locks, are created with simplicity in mind. Simple designs, we’ve discovered, are easy to use – and less can go wrong. Plus, since the Z-Wave network is designed to work with a wide range of devices, interoperability across platforms is a verified component of Z-Wave certification standards.

Ultimately, consumers can rest easy knowing that Z-Wave is committed to designing smart home solutions that are “future-proof.”

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