What Is Z-Wave?

What Is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave helps you control your home by using a wireless technology that makes regular household products controllable from a smartphone, tablet, or internet from anywhere in the world!

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Home Automation

Home Automation

Make your life easier by automating everyday tasks. Turn the lights on when you enter a room without needing to touch a lightswitch.

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Why Z-Wave?

Why Z-Wave?

Control the lights, door locks, thermostats, and more in your house without needing to get off the couch.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Home Automation Products

Answers From Z-Wave Experts

Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers about Z-Wave Home Automation Products. If you still have questions, please ask one of our experts here

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Home Automation Products

In a smart home, home automation products “talk” to each other by sending messages through a wireless network. Home automation products range from the functional to the aesthetic – and everywhere in between. From practical water pumps, motion sensors, and door locks to indulgences like smart lighting and entertainment, home automation products are designed with ease of use, functionality, and practicality in mind. Ultimately, home automation products save time, energy costs, and anxiety.

If you’re interested in taking the plunge into home automation, you’ll first need to set up a wireless network. In the case of Z-Wave’s smart technology, for example, an extremely lightweight wireless signal serves to connect the entire home – and is simple enough for most users to self-install. Yet DIY installers can also reach out to Z-Wave’s informative website for installation advice and troubleshooting. Plus, most home service providers, including Verizon, can assist with installation.

Once your smart home network is installed, you’ll connect your chosen controller or hub, which functions as the heart of the smart home, delivering messages from devices to you via your smart phone or tablet. Once the controller is up and running, you can add devices one by one, from light switches and heating/cooling units to motion sensors, video cameras, sprinkler systems, and more. Your home automation products will eventually detect whether you’re home or not, and will act accordingly, turning on lights and raising the temperature, say, when you enter the front door.

Installing home automation products is easier than ever before, thanks to streamlined, lightweight, robust technology designed to last for years. Plus, many home automation products and their manufacturers, including Z-Wave, prioritize interoperability and functionality in the certification process, so you can rest assured knowing that your automated home will evolve with your family’s needs. With the right home automation products, you can easily transform your house into a smart, automated home that streamlines your energy bills, boosts your family’s comfort, and enhances security, inside and out.

Home automation products mean that you’ll never have to rush home from work to turn off the lights, for example, or shut off the water. You won’t wonder anymore whether you left a device turned on, and when you go on vacation, you’ll rest easy knowing that intruders will be dissuaded by home automation technology in place. With home automation products, you’ll have your finger on your home’s pulse – even if you’re out of the country.

Imagine, for example, that you’ve implemented smart sensors, cameras, lights, and door locks to work in tandem, delivering alerts to your smart device when motion is detected or a lock has been tampered with. You’ll be the first to know if an intruder attempts to break in, and you’ll stay informed about the activities of elderly relatives, for example, or children and pets.

Home automation products can prevent costly damages as well. From flood and water damage to storms, cold snaps, and heat spells, smart homes are designed to adjust automatically to changes in temperature and climate, and are programmed to alert you to any problems before they become catastrophes. For example, with an automated water pump and valve, slow leaks and abrupt floods will be detected instantly – before they have time to wreak irreparable havoc on the home.

If you’re up for it, try shopping local first – big box stores like Lowe’s, Best Buy, and Target all offer home automation products that, in person, you can handle and examine – plus ask questions. Otherwise, consider Amazon, a great option to comparison shop home automation products. You’ll find detailed product descriptions and photos alongside a likely wealth of consumer reviews, which will make it easy for you to select a home automation product that works for you and your family or staff.

Finally, visit Z-Wave’s extensive website, which features Z-Wave enhanced home automation products, descriptions, and consumer reviews. At Z-Wave’s comprehensive, information-rich site, you’ll find easy access to consumer and industry reviews, clear specs, and easy comparison-shopping.

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Glossary of Terms

Primary Controller This is the device that controls the other devices on your Z-Wave network. Can also be referred to as "Z-Wave Controller".
Scene The control of multiple devices with one single command. The scene can be activated manually or via a sensor. A common scene is to turn lights on when you walk into a room. The motion sensor will detect the motion and turn the lights on. The opportunities with scenes are endless!
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Why Z-Wave? 

Z-Wave Empowers Innovation.
Z-Wave’s flexibility and reliability make it a natural fit for innovators looking to expand offerings in the smart home and IoT industries.With so many companies using Z-Wave the abilities to control your home are constantly changing and becoming innovative. 
Z-Wave has the greatest Energy Efficiency.
Z-Wave's power efficiency is by far the most advanced among all of today’s (and tomorrow's) wireless protocols. Battery-operated sensors and systems need very little maintenance.
Z-Wave is an Interoperable Ecosystem.
It's important that products work together with all smart devices in the home, regardless of type, version or brand. There are 300 companies with over 1200 certified products that are backwards- and forwards-compatible in the Z-Wave ecosystem.
Z-Wave is Driving a Standard.
Z-Wave has proven to be the most ubiquitous of the wireless communication standards; it is the only low-power, medium-bandwidth HAN/LAN technology with interoperability. Z-Wave is open, based on an International Standard PHY MAX ITU-T G.9959., offering a single standard and a single stack. The stack is openly licensed; all that is required is certification to ensure interoperability. 
Z-Wave is NOT Affected by Wireless Interference.
Z-Wave uses a lower frequency than common household wireless products such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and other 2.4 GHz protocols. It is not subject to their interference and traffic jams, which makes Z-Wave more reliable for automating tasks and receiving accurate status of devices.
Z-Wave is Securely Encrypted.
Z-Wave uses industry-standard AES128 encryption, the same protocol used in online banking. The Z-Wave certification process ensures that both the Z-Wave network and the Z-Wave devices in your home are secure from hacking.
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