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Frequently Asked Questions - Remote Control Light

Answers From Z-Wave Experts

Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers about Z-Wave Remote Control Light. If you still have questions, please ask one of our experts here

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Remote Control Light

In a “smart,” automated home, systems and devices are automated – connected wirelessly to a network that the homeowner has access to. The first thing to do in implementing a smart home – which is an easier and more cost-effective process than most assume – is to install a network on which your devices may run. An example is Z-Wave’s award-winning wireless network, a robust but lightweight network that won’t interfere with your WIFI.

Generally, today’s networks are simple enough for the average user to install on their own. If, however, you require assistance, a wealth of resources abounds online – check Z-Wave’s informative site, for example, to find troubleshooting forums, installation advice, product reviews, and more.

Once the network is up and running, a hub or controller must be added. This hub will function as the smart home’s heart, accepting signals and alerts from devices all around the home, then passing them on as necessary to the homeowner via an app on his or her smart phone or tablet. Hubs must be purchased separately, but your hub is your powerhouse, and it’s worth investing in a robust, sturdy product designed to last.

Now’s the time to add devices at last, and they can be linked to the network easily, one by one. Usually, turning them on is enough for the network to detect their presence. From there, your devices will work in tandem with your hub or controller, passing necessary information along to you and learning, in the meantime, your family’s patterns and preferences.

You’ve taken the first step in making a wise investment: installing remote control lights throughout your home. But with so many remote control lighting options on today’s market, the task of selecting just one can seem daunting. However, with a little patience and a commitment to finding a solid product at a reasonable price, you’re bound to discover a remote control lighting system that will serve your family’s needs for years to come.

Start your search by browsing online – even if you don’t buy, you’ll find a wealth of resources, including product overviews, specs, and customer feedback. Visit Z-Wave’s expansive site, which features articles on the latest innovations, professional product reviews, and easy comparison-shopping options. There’s always Amazon, a great place for gathering research and another optimal stop for reviews and specs. Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Target, can all be relied upon to carry a selection of wireless lighting solutions, from smart dimmers and switches to bulbs and wireless networking options. Plus, you’ll be able to get the skinny face-to-face, asking questions and interacting directly with the products.

Technology certainly has the ability to confound, and we all know what it’s like to see a recent purchase break down or simply get lost in the ether. With complex interfaces and clunky design, so much of today’s technology goes straight to the trash bin.

But the same doesn’t hold true for remote control lights – not if you purchase smart. With the right equipment, your remote control lighting system can last for years, bolstering the comfort and security of your home while diminishing energy costs. Remote control lights allow you to control your home’s lighting system from anywhere- even if you’re across the globe. Remote control lights help to discourage intruders, since a well lit home seems occupied. Plus, randomizing technology can help lights to turn on and off in a way that appears convincing – as if someone’s truly home.

Starting at around twenty dollars, today’s remote control lights are a lot more accessible than you’d think – and they’ll go to work the second they’re installed, learning your family’s behavior to deliver maximum comfort with minimal expenditures.

Tekmun’s Remote Control Wireless Energy Saving Electrical Package comes equipped with sockets and two long-range remote controls – and it’s interoperable across a range of automation-based networks, including Z-Wave’s. Other models by companies like WeMo, Leviton, Enerwave, Gosund, and General Electric offer reasonably priced remote control lights – some of which come equipped with bells and whistles, like dimming technology. In today’s dynamic market, it pays to shop around, read reviews, and do your research – but as technology expands, our remote control lighting options are bound to grow ever more affordable, ensuring that a well-lit, automated home is attainable for all Americans.

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