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Frequently Asked Questions - Home Surveillance Systems

Answers From Z-Wave Experts

Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers about Z-Wave Home Surveillance Systems. If you still have questions, please ask one of our experts here

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Home Surveillance Systems

In today’s complex world, you can’t afford not to install a home surveillance system. Particularly if you have a family or simply lead a busy life, it’s imperative that you’ve got security systems in place to work for you. Americans spend countless hours each year fretting over an unmonitored home – and the losses associated with a break-in can be irreparable. With a high-quality home surveillance system, though – especially one equipped with smart technology – you’ll never have to worry about leaving your home unattended. Smart cameras, sensors, locks, and alarms can work in tandem to alert you – and the police – the second a security breach is detected.

Are you caring for an elderly relative? A smart camera means you’ll be alerted if your loved one attempts to leave the premises, falls down, or is otherwise compromised. Are you responsible for children or pets? Automated cameras ensure that pets and children are being monitored – and that you’re receiving an alert via a text message or email each time an unusual motion is detected.

Today’s smart cameras are capable of much more than you’d think – some models are able to send you a file of the footage in question when an alert is issued. And many modern cameras make it easy to watch live footage from wherever you are – so it’s easier than ever to check in.

Smart camera technology will detect unexpected visitors – including delivery people, neighbors, and potential intruders, although smart cameras can typically be programmed not to warn you when scheduled deliveries are made or expected guests have arrived. Plus, every smart device you install – from smart cameras and locks to smart light switches, dimmers, and fans – will strengthen the overall quality of the network, since today’s automation almost always happens wirelessly. More devices boost the strength of a wireless network, adding reach and scope.

A multitude of smart home surveillance products exists on today’s market. Think sensors, alarms, door locks, and cameras – but don’t limit yourself to those simple categories. Now, it’s easier than ever to purchase packaged systems, which bundle several devices under one price tag. Plus, many of today’s surveillance products are workhorses in their own right: consider the Indoor/Outdoor Wireless IP Network Camera by Schlage, which features Nexia Home Intelligence plus all the desirable smart camera bonuses – infrared technology for state-of-the-art night vision, easy setup and installation, and compatibility across a range of smart devices.

A smart surveillance system could cost a lot less than you might think – especially when you take into account options like Z-Wave, which features a lightweight, inexpensive network you can install on your own. With no monthly fee and a high level of compatibility across devices, Z-Wave’s smart home technology can keep your home safe and secure for a fraction of what a home security provider might charge.

Plus, Z-Wave’s home surveillance solutions are designed with sleek strength in mind – and enhanced simplicity means that the homeowner will encounter fewer installation headaches, as well as fewer repairs down the road. Because Z-Wave’s surveillance solutions are characteristically easy for the homeowner to install and troubleshoot, potential costly repair bills are often avoided.

So many of us have been burned by expensive gadgets that turn out to be faulty. Our phones, televisions, and even cars seem to have a much shorter lifespan than they used to – so why should home surveillance systems be any different?

Enter Z-Wave. All Z-Wave devices, from water sensors and heating and cooling units to home surveillance systems, must undergo rigorous certification processes in order to meet evolving industry standards. In addition, Z-Wave devices, including outdoor cameras, motion sensors, and door locks, are created with simplicity in mind. Simple designs, we’ve discovered, are easy to use – and less can go wrong. Plus, since the Z-Wave network is designed to work with a wide range of devices, interoperability across platforms is a verified component of Z-Wave certification standards.

Ultimately, consumers can rest easy knowing that Z-Wave is committed to designing smart home solutions that are “future-proof.”

Consider beginning your search at the Z-Wave website, which provides a comprehensive overview of available outdoor cameras, Z-Wave outdoor camera suppliers, and verified consumer reviews. For more information and a guaranteed selection of cameras, sensors, and alarms, check out Amazon for competitive pricing and reliable consumer reviews. And don’t be afraid to shop local, even if it does mean big-box - Home Depot, for example, carries automated surveillance systems, and shopping face-to-face means you can get your questions answered right away, in person.

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