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Frequently Asked Questions - Z-Wave Light Switch

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Z-Wave Light Switch

When you select Z-Wave as your automated home wireless signal, you’re investing in a highly efficient, highly streamlined solution to home automation. Because Z-Wave operates on a “mesh” network, in which signals run through devices on their way to the centralized “hub” (as opposed to just moving back and forth between two static devices, like a router and an iPad), the smart home gets stronger and more robust the more devices are added. And the smart light switch is the perfect first step in moving towards an automated home – one that saves money, boosts security, and enhances comfort.

And light switches are a logical starting point: they’re inexpensive, easy to install, and easily synchronized with other commonly used appliances, like ceiling fans. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of a smart home in minutes.

There are many ways to approach purchasing your first Z-Wave light switch, but the best piece of advice is probably to do your research. Myriad reviews exist online – try Amazon for customer reviews, or browse Engadget, CNET, and Wired for high-quality, professional hardware reviews.

That being said, here are a few places to start: begin with GE, whose switches are durable, simple, and affordable. The GE In-Wall Z-Wave Toggle Switch is appropriate for any room in the house, and enables homeowners to control lights in different rooms – all from a centralized location, usually a tablet or smart phone, but a controller would also do the trick. As long as you don’t require a dimmer, the GE In-Wall Toggle Switch is probably a safe bet.

For something more sophisticated, consider a wall mounted dimmer by Linear, an affordable option that does everything the GE Toggle Switch can – except it also dims connected lights. Aspire RF dimmers by Eaton are compatible with a range of lighting “loads”, from LED to incandescent, and open up a whole new world of options, from dimming to fan control and more.

A range of Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus certified light switches – as well as comprehensive reviews and specs – are always available at You can also purchase from a range of online purveyors, from Amazon to SmartThings, Jasco to Aeotec. Home Controls, another large retailer, offers comparison pricing and specs, as well as informed reviews. And if you prefer to shop in person, visit Home Depot or a similar big-box retailer, where you can get tailored recommendations and demos.

The most obvious benefit to investing in smart lighting and Z-Wave light switches is the cost-savings. Automated homes save homeowners money, because energy use is minimized and efficiency is streamlined. Gone are the days of wasted energy, because smart light switches can be programmed to activate when you enter the room, and deactivate when you leave it.

Beyond that, the benefits of a smart lighting system – and, more broadly, a smart home – include enhanced, high-quality security and homeowner peace of mind. With smart lighting and Z-Wave light switches, you can program lights to turn on and off at certain times – even when you’re far from home. With a few clicks to your smart phone or tablet, you can remotely monitor the state of your home – and the use of your lights. Your windows will always be bright, even when you’re gone for weeks, and specialized programming means that the lighting can be “randomized” to discourage intruders. Not all lights will be on all the time, mimicking normal lighting use.

Z-Wave light switches have myriad other functions, as well. Many homeowners use Z-Wave light switches in tandem with a range of other devices in order to create “scenes” – customized combinations of activated devices that create a certain type of environment. For example, perhaps you like to come home to an illuminated house with the kitchen fan on and the stereo just starting to play. Or for movie night, use Z-Wave light switches in tandem with entertainment and sound systems for a customized home theatre experience.

Installing Z-Wave light switches throughout your home, whatever its size, is a great way to enhance the efficiency and strength of your Z-Wave network. Because Z-Wave devices run on a mesh Z-Wave network, each device functions as a sort of “messenger,” which delivers signals from one device to the next en route to the centralized controller or hub. Since the strength of the network depends on the number of smart devices, Z-Wave light switches ensure that you’ll have a messenger in every room.

Plus, Z-Wave light switches are a great way to monitor and regulate lighting use in your room. Especially in a large home, Z-Wave light switches are highly appealing – no more journeys to the third floor to shut off a forgotten light. You’re protecting your home in myriad ways – from energy waste to monetary losses to security infractions.

If you’re interested in cost savings, security, and comfort, it’s worth investigating smart lighting. Small homes need protection too, and sometimes even pose a greater appeal to intruders – entrances tend to be more accessible and visible. So if you travel – even for the weekend – a Z-Wave light switch will ensure that your lights come on and off, convincing any intruders to back away. And with Z-Wave light switches, you can customize pre-set scenes; any homeowner – small property or large – can see the appeal in that.

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