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Frequently Asked Questions - Z-Wave Cameras

Answers From Z-Wave Experts

Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers about Z-Wave Cameras. If you still have questions, please ask one of our experts here

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Z-Wave Cameras

Numerous Z-Wave compatible cameras are available on today’s automated home market, and not all perform in the same way. Generally, however, any device that runs on the Z-Wave network (a wireless signal that is NOT your WIFI signal) is connected to a central hub or controller which fields messages from every Z-Wave connected “smart” device in your home. Adding devices to the hub is easy to do, and once that device is “talking” to the hub, alerts and notifications are sent to your smart phone or tablet.

Z-Wave cameras are available as wireless or wired IP devices. This means that, depending on the device and its abilities, some Z-Wave cameras will need to be wired. They will still “talk” to the hub, however, and the activity recorded will appear on your smart phone or tablet, just as a wireless Z-Wave device would. Check reviews and product specs before you purchase any Z-Wave camera, just to be sure that it’s suitable for your family’s needs. And don’t hesitate to contact Z-Wave directly, as well as purveyors of Z-Wave cameras, to get the scoop. Remember, though: any Z-Wave-certified device has undergone rigorous quality control and credentialing, ensuring compatibility and a long, productive lifespan.

In choosing a Z-Wave camera for your home or business, keep in mind that not all cameras are equal – and not all smart homeowners have the same needs. Interior and exterior cameras, for example, differ greatly in price and strength. So remember: in making any purchase, take advantage of the numerous professional and consumer reviews available online.

That being said, several Z-Wave cameras have truly withstood the test of time – and consumer reviews. The Schlage Home Outdoor Camera with Nexia Home Intelligence is a robust camera designed for the outdoors – and whatever the weather brings. Infrared technology ensures that you’ll know what's going on – even in the middle of the night. The Schlage Camera is praised for its sturdiness, high-quality “night vision”, and ease of use.

Also popular is the Foscam Plug and Play Wireless Camera, which also offers night vision, as well as a built-in mike and speakers. A popular choice because of its high compatibility over numerous operating systems, the Foscam is a reasonably-priced, durable model that consumers rave about.

One of the things Z-Wave prides itself on is ease-of-use, from initial signal setup to device addition to troubleshooting. The same goes for Z-Wave cameras, which have undergone rigorous testing in order to receive the Z-Wave credentials. Highly compatible with most operating systems, Z-Wave cameras also tend to be small, lightweight, and powerful – just like the Z-Wave network itself.

Nevertheless, we aren’t all so technologically inclined, and installing a new device can be intimidating. But a wealth of resources exist online or a phone call away – Z-Wave, as well as major Z-Wave brand retailers, are happy to offer guidance and support. Easy-to-use Z-Wave cameras include the Piper NV, which features a 180-degree field of vision and monitors humidity, light level, and sound.

The best thing about Z-Wave and its related devices is the flexibility inherent in an automated home. Because Z-Wave devices work on a “mesh” network, in which messages run through smart devices on their way to the centralized hub, the more smart devices you have in your home, the more robust your Z-Wave network will be. More devices means more connections, which means a broader reach and, ultimately, a smarter home.

So as you’re pondering your purchase of a Z-Wave camera, consider all the ways in which you could more closely monitor your home. Do you fret about your children in the yard while you’re preparing dinner? Do you wonder which deliveries might have been made – or not – while you were away? Do you wish you could check on your pets while you’re away for the weekend? Many smart homeowners purchase a Z-Wave camera to watch over aging relatives – it certainly provides an easier, more streamlined alternative to having to run home all the time to check in. And in the case of an emergency – a fall, perhaps, or a forgetful relative that wanders out of the house – you’ll be the first to know, because you’ve got your eye on your home at all times – and your Z-Wave camera can alert you to unusual activity.

Whatever your concerns, Z-Wave cameras ensure instant peace of mind, so you’ll never fuss about your “empty” home again.

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