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Which Z-Wave devices are best?

Remember – the question should be, which Z-Wave devices are best for you. There’s a suitable device out there for everyone, so take the time to do your research.

If you’re looking to start simple, perhaps securing your front door with a smart lock, consider the Danalock Z-Wave Smart Lock, which can be easily fitted on any door with just a screwdriver. The Danalock comes with its own app, and can also, of course, be integrated into your existing Z-Wave app. The separate app comes in handy when you’re looking to pass on “temporary” lock privileges to a guest or neighbor, for example.

And that’s just an example. Favored Z-Wave devices of late also include the Pet Immune Motion Sensor, which makes your smart home pet-friendly. With Pet Immune, your cat won’t set off your burglar alarm, and the lights won’t come on every time your dog goes into the kitchen to drink water. Adapted to your pets’ presence, this reasonably-priced device is a great value for all smart homeowners with pets.

The point is, there’s a Z-Wave device for everyone, so decide what your priorities are – security? Comfort? Energy savings? Then, go from there.

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