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Z-Wave water valves can be expensive – why should I invest?

Your home is your most valuable asset, and a Z-Wave water valve can help to preserve its structure over time. Remember: Water damage costs American homeowners billions every year. Much of that damage could be prevented with the application of smart water valves, like the FortresZ Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve, which qualifies its owner for insurance premium discounts and is designed to automatically detect leaks, shut off the water supply in the event of flooding, and send a notification to the homeowner when a problem is detected or maintenance is required.

From the kitchen to the sprinkler system, the bathrooms to the pool, every home runs on water. One compromised pipe could cost thousands in repairs, not to mention the long-term consequences of flood-related health threats, like mold. Z-Wave water valves are an investment, today and down the road.

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