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What are some things to consider when shopping for a Z-Wave water valve?

First, decide what kind of water valve you’ll need. If your home is small or your water needs are minimal, consider a simple, streamlined, and affordable option, like the Xenon Z-Wave Wireless Water and Gas Valve. The Xenon offers straightforward programming and a sturdy exterior. And Fibaro’s Flood Sensor, priced at $59, has a built-in Z-Wave network register, a tilt sensor, a siren, and a light – everything a homeowner needs to prevent a flooded basement, though not, technically, a valve.

A pricier Z-Wave water valve will likely be sturdier and more reliable – perhaps an appropriate choice for a larger home. EcoNet Controls offers a range of Z-Wave water valves, all priced around $150 and featuring easy installation, automatic water shutoff, and smartphone notification whenever a leak is detected. And robust wireless Z-Wave water valves by FortrezZ come with a lifetime guarantee and are crafted of safe, durable materials, including lead-free steel.

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