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Z-Wave water sensors can be expensive – why should I invest?

The price of a Z-Wave water sensor – typically between twenty and fifty dollars, depending on available features – is dwarfed by the damage an unexpected flood could cause – to your home’s structure, your furniture, and your family’s health and well-being.

Some potential smart home customers balk at a common concern about new technology – the likelihood that it will become outdated within the year. Not so with Z-Wave-endorsed water sensors, which undergo a rigorous qualification process that’s committed to product longevity and compatibility. All Z-Wave products are designed to last for years, and are characteristically durable yet intuitive, easy to install and even easier to maintain.

Finally, because Z-Wave water sensors represent a serious investment in your home for the long term, homeowners can usually qualify for insurance premium discounts if they have Z-Wave water sensors installed. Not only do Z-Wave water sensors save money and energy over time by eliminating excess usage, but they ensure peace of mind as well, ensuring that any leaks are detected right away – and handled appropriately.

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