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I already have a thermostat. Why go "smart"?

The difference between a manual thermostat and a “smart” Z-Wave thermostat is significant – especially if you look at the bigger picture. Over time, manual thermostats bleed money and energy, because they can’t self-adjust. If the weather is irregular where you are, this could mean that your manual thermostat won’t correct for the cold snap that hits while you’re out of town – and then your pipes freeze. In the high desert, smart thermometers pay off because they automatically regulate for chilly nights and sweltering days. Wherever you are, a Z-Wave thermostat can likely make your life easier – in more ways than one.

Consider this: The ability to control heating and cooling from a smart phone means you never have to get up – or run home from work – to turn down the heat or open the windows. Today’s Z-Wave thermostats are sleek, easy to read, and simple to program, update, and reset. Z-Wave thermostats easily sync with your preferred smart device and come paired with companion apps for optimal functioning.

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