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Which Z-Wave thermostat should I select?

With such a range of options on today’s smart thermostat market, it pays to do your research. Before you buy – in person or online – read product reviews. Be wary of thermostats without reviews, or those priced “too low” – these might be too new to rely on, or might lack features you’ll wish for later. Luckily, Z-Wave-certified thermostats have undergone rigorous qualifications processes, and have been optimized to function seamlessly in your smart home.

The Z-Wave thermostats available to today’s homeowner are affordable, intuitive, and logically designed. Trane’s Z-Wave HVAC Thermostat, for example, offers a large screen and a minimum of buttons for easy reading. At $99, this Z-Wave thermostat is a workhorse, with easily enabled energy-saving settings and a helpful alert system. At $125, Honeywell’s Z-Wave Enabled Programmable Thermostat offers comparable features – an easy-to-view screen, diverse scheduling settings – with some noticeable upgrades, including a programmable fan and Smart Response Technology, in which the thermostat “learns” your patterns and preferences, and adjusts accordingly.

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