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Which Z-Wave sirens are best?

Z-Wave sirens are constantly evolving, so before you take the plunge, do your market research. Which models are proving easy to install and use? Which rank highest in Amazon reviews, or on Google? Which Z-Wave sirens do consumers just love?

These days, the GoControl Z-Wave Siren and Strobe ranks highly on the list for its affordable price, sleek design, and relatively easy setup. The GoControl Z-Wave Siren and Strobe boasts a 100-foot line of sight, an LED strobe, and a tamper-resistant design. Users can program the GoControl to work with just siren, just strobe, or both. And, just like all Z-Wave devices, the GoControl Z-Wave Siren and Strobe functions as a repeater in your Z-Wave home, shortening the distance between devices and thus broadening your network.

One unique model on the market today combines Z-Wave siren capabilities with a camera, door sensor, and switch. The Piper Classic All-In-One Security System is praised by consumers for its streamlined approach to smart security. Packaging common devices means that users spend less time shopping, installing, and troubleshooting – and more time reaping the benefits of their streamlined smart home.

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