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I already have a fire alarm and a motion sensor. Why should I invest in a Z-Wave siren, too?

With Z-Wave sirens available starting at around thirty dollars, it may make sense for your family to invest in this added layer of security – even if your smart home is already bolstered by smart door locks, motion sensors, and fire alarms. Z-Wave sirens offer their users added peace of mind, because although motion sensors do detect intruders (and smart motion sensors alert their users to any strange activity), sound and light is usually not emitted, though these alerts function as effective deterrents to intruders.

Basically, adding a Z-Wave siren to your smart home means that suddenly, your security system is working twice as hard. LED lights and a blaring siren will easily dissuade thieves, and police won’t have any trouble finding your home – especially if you’ve got a siren outside, as well. Z-Wave sirens are simple to program, update, and reset, and will always sync easily with your preferred smart device via a companion app.

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