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How exactly does a Z-Wave siren work?

Z-Wave smart devices run on a unique wireless network that’s not the same as your WIFI signal. Powerful but lightweight, the Z-Wave network can connect to a range of home appliances and devices, from dimmers and water valves to thermostats, panic buttons, and even Z-Wave sirens.

Once the Z-Wave network is installed, the user activates a controller or “hub,” which serves as the heart of the smart home, delivering messages to the homeowner via a smart phone or tablet.

In the case of the Z-Wave siren, the apparatus will self-monitor, alerting you to any problems – a faulty battery, say, or a potential intruder. You’ll program the Z-Wave siren according to your preferences and family’s needs, and you’ll be able to synchronize it with other smart security devices already installed, like Z-Wave door locks. Your Z-Wave siren will know when you’re home and when you’re out, and will act accordingly. If anything comes up – you’re delayed at work, or you’ve got guests coming over and you need the house unlocked – you can access your Z-Wave door siren from anywhere.

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