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Do Z-Wave Plus certified products cost more than ordinary Z-Wave products?

Z-Wave has always prided itself on its commitment to affordability and ease-of-use, and the buck doesn’t stop at Z-Wave Plus. Though Z-Wave Plus devices cost slightly more than their Z-Wave classic counterparts, the benefits are easily recognized: Z-Wave Plus products boast a much longer range, up to ten yards more than Z-Wave products. This can save you money in the long run, because, since Z-Wave runs on a mesh network, it relies on many devices for messages to hop between. With a longer range, fewer devices are needed to reinforce the mesh.

Z-Wave Plus devices also feature longer battery life – up to fifty percent longer in some cases. Busy devices with many events, like door sensors, will benefit from enhanced longevity. And Z-Wave Plus products are highly interoperable, so you won’t waste money on adapters or replacements. Most smart homeowners will agree: The benefits of Z-Wave Plus products are worth the extra cost.

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