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Why should I add a Z-Wave outdoor camera to my smart home network?

If you’re caring for an elderly relative, having a Z-Wave outdoor camera means you’ll be alerted if your loved one attempts to leave the premises, falls down, or is otherwise compromised. Z-Wave outdoor cameras also ensure that pets and children are being monitored – and that you’re receiving an alert, usually via a text message or email, every time something out-of-the-ordinary is detected. Many Z-Wave outdoor cameras send a file containing the footage in question, so you have the information right away and can decide for yourself how best to proceed.

Z-Wave outdoor cameras will spot unexpected visitors – including potential intruders, and can also be programmed not to warn you for deliveries or guests you’re expecting. And Z-Wave outdoor cameras can broaden the reach of your smart home; because Z-Wave devices run on what’s called a “mesh” network, the network’s signal is reinforced each time a new device is connected. Outdoor cameras mean that your Z-Wave network extends beyond your home’s interior to provide a more robust system overall.

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