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Frequently Asked Questions - Z-Wave Outdoor Camera

Answers From Z-Wave Experts

Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers about Z-Wave Outdoor Camera. If you still have questions, please ask one of our experts here

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Z-Wave Outdoor Camera

Z-Wave devices, like the Z-Wave outdoor camera, run on the Z-Wave network — a robust, lightweight wireless signal that operates on a different frequency than your WIFI signal. The Z-Wave network enables appliances in and around the home – including Z-Wave security alarms, water valves, and outdoor cameras – to “talk” to each other, thus providing a seamlessly automated experience specifically tailored to the homeowner. And, the best feature of the smart phone is literal remote control of the home: Z-Wave technology means that homeowners are alerted via smart phone or tablet to anything that else that could compromise the home’s security, comfort, and functionality.

If you’re caring for an elderly relative, having a Z-Wave outdoor camera means you’ll be alerted if your loved one attempts to leave the premises, falls down, or is otherwise compromised. Z-Wave outdoor cameras also ensure that pets and children are being monitored – and that you’re receiving an alert, usually via a text message or email, every time something out-of-the-ordinary is detected. Many Z-Wave outdoor cameras send a file containing the footage in question, so you have the information right away and can decide for yourself how best to proceed.

Z-Wave outdoor cameras will spot unexpected visitors – including potential intruders, and can also be programmed not to warn you for deliveries or guests you’re expecting. And Z-Wave outdoor cameras can broaden the reach of your smart home; because Z-Wave devices run on what’s called a “mesh” network, the network’s signal is reinforced each time a new device is connected. Outdoor cameras mean that your Z-Wave network extends beyond your home’s interior to provide a more robust system overall.

Consumers trust the Indoor/Outdoor Wireless IP Network Camera by Schlage features Nexia Home Intelligence plus all the desirable smart camera bonuses – infrared technology for state-of-the-art night vision, easy setup and installation, and compatibility across a range of smart devices. Plus, the Nexia / Schlage Indoor/Outdoor enables users to set scenes, recording certain time periods to save for later viewing.

A Z-Wave outdoor camera – and a Z-Wave enabled home – could cost a lot less than you might think. Z-Wave’s solutions are designed to be lightweight, durable, and easy for the user to install. Z-Wave outdoor cameras are designed with sleek strength in mind – and enhanced simplicity means that the homeowner will encounter fewer installation headaches, as well as fewer repairs down the road. And because Z-Wave’s solutions tend to be easy for the homeowner to install and troubleshoot, potential costly repair bills may be avoided.

Getting the Z-Wave network up and running means you’ll need to purchase a controller or hub, which will serve as the heart of your smart phone, delivering messages from device to homeowner – and back. Hubs cost upwards of a hundred dollars, and Z-Wave controller/hubs are designed with durability and longevity in mind. From there, adding devices piece by piece comes at the discretion – and budget – of the homeowner. Users need not attempt to outfit their smart home all at once. Even the introduction of a few simple systems – smart lighting and a Z-Wave outdoor camera, for example – will enhance the comfort and security of your home for years to come.

Z-Wave outdoor cameras – like all Z-Wave-enabled devices – must undergo rigorous certification processes in order to meet evolving industry standards. Plus, Z-Wave devices, including outdoor cameras, are created with simplicity in mind. A simple design is conducive both to ease of use and longevity – less to adjust means less could go wrong. And since the Z-Wave network is designed to work with a wide range of devices, from the cutting edge to the not-so-cutting-edge, a high level of compatibility is a verified component of Z-Wave certification standards.

Remember: Z-Wave is committed to designing smart home solutions that are “future-proof.”

As you’re searching for the right Z-Wave outdoor camera for your family’s needs, consider beginning your search at the Z-Wave website, which provides a comprehensive overview of available outdoor cameras, Z-Wave outdoor camera suppliers, and verified consumer reviews. For more information and a guaranteed selection of Z-Wave outdoor cameras, check out Amazon for competitive pricing and constantly updated consumer reviews. And don’t be afraid to shop local, even if it does mean big-box - Home Depot, for example, carries Z-Wave outdoor cameras and other products, and shopping face-to-face means you can get your questions answered right away, in person. Plus, you’ll be able to handle and examine models side by side.

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