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How exactly would Z-Wave automation work with my Kwikset Deadbolt?

Here’s how a Z-Wave-enabled smart home works: First, you install the Z-Wave wireless network – a robust wireless network that will not interfere with your preexisting WIFI. Once the Z-Wave network is up and running, you’ll choose a controller, or “hub,” which will function as the brain of your smart home, accepting messages from devices and sending pertinent information on to you, the homeowner, via an app downloaded to your smart phone or tablet.

Once the controller is up and running, you can add smart devices one by one – a Z-Wave motion sensor here, a smart dimmer there, and a Kwikset Z-Wave deadbolt on the front door. Your devices will immediately begin to “learn” your family’s behavior and preferences, and will start alerting you to any potential threats right away.

It pays to invest in a group of devices over time, because the more Z-Wave-enabled devices you install, the stronger your Z-Wave network will be. Z-Wave technology runs on a mesh network, which means that messages “hop” from smart device to smart device on their way to the controller or hub, so the range of the hub need only reach the closest smart device.

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