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I’m just starting to build my smart home. Which Z-Wave devices should I consider adding first?

Congratulations! You’re taking the first steps to creating a streamlined, efficient, easily monitored home in which your devices work smarter – not harder – for you and your family. Whichever devices you decide to add first, you’ll be enhancing the quality of your life, and likely diminishing your energy costs, too. Most smart devices work on the premise of saving energy by deactivating or lowering device output when the homeowner is gone, then turning on those systems when the homeowner returns. So you can count on not only peace of mind – whether you’re monitoring your security system or cutting down on sprinkler use – but also efficiency as soon as you install your first smart devices.

First, though, you’ll need to decide on a controller, or a “hub.” The hub functions as the heart of the smart home, passing the messages from each device on to your tablet or smart phone.

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