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Which Z-Wave garage door sensors receive the highest ratings?

The best thing about Z-Wave garage door sensors is that they’re affordable, simple, and easy to install. Across the board, Z-Wave-enhanced garage door sensors receive high ratings from consumers and trade critics alike. One of the most popular Z-Wave garage door sensors on the market today is the very basic, very affordable Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor from Monoprice. This highly interoperable, two-way networking device is designed to detect changes in the angle of the door – such simple technology enables easy “scene” setup, in which lights and the garage door activate in tandem.

The Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Controller is another popular device among consumers. Attractive for its extremely high level of interoperability, this remote controller is compatible with almost every garage door opener on the market. Boasting a small, deceptively simple design, the Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Controller is actually a workhorse, connecting with all of your smart devices to provide a tailored, fully enhanced experience.

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