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Frequently Asked Questions - Z-Wave Siren

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Z-Wave Siren

With Z-Wave sirens available starting at around thirty dollars, it may make sense for your family to invest in this added layer of security – even if your smart home is already bolstered by smart door locks, motion sensors, and fire alarms. Z-Wave sirens offer their users added peace of mind, because although motion sensors do detect intruders (and smart motion sensors alert their users to any strange activity), sound and light is usually not emitted, though these alerts function as effective deterrents to intruders.

Basically, adding a Z-Wave siren to your smart home means that suddenly, your security system is working twice as hard. LED lights and a blaring siren will easily dissuade thieves, and police won’t have any trouble finding your home – especially if you’ve got a siren outside, as well. Z-Wave sirens are simple to program, update, and reset, and will always sync easily with your preferred smart device via a companion app.

Z-Wave smart devices run on a unique wireless network that’s not the same as your WIFI signal. Powerful but lightweight, the Z-Wave network can connect to a range of home appliances and devices, from dimmers and water valves to thermostats, panic buttons, and even Z-Wave sirens.

Once the Z-Wave network is installed, the user activates a controller or “hub,” which serves as the heart of the smart home, delivering messages to the homeowner via a smart phone or tablet.

In the case of the Z-Wave siren, the apparatus will self-monitor, alerting you to any problems – a faulty battery, say, or a potential intruder. You’ll program the Z-Wave siren according to your preferences and family’s needs, and you’ll be able to synchronize it with other smart security devices already installed, like Z-Wave door locks. Your Z-Wave siren will know when you’re home and when you’re out, and will act accordingly. If anything comes up – you’re delayed at work, or you’ve got guests coming over and you need the house unlocked – you can access your Z-Wave door siren from anywhere.

Z-Wave sirens are constantly evolving, so before you take the plunge, do your market research. Which models are proving easy to install and use? Which rank highest in Amazon reviews, or on Google? Which Z-Wave sirens do consumers just love?

These days, the GoControl Z-Wave Siren and Strobe ranks highly on the list for its affordable price, sleek design, and relatively easy setup. The GoControl Z-Wave Siren and Strobe boasts a 100-foot line of sight, an LED strobe, and a tamper-resistant design. Users can program the GoControl to work with just siren, just strobe, or both. And, just like all Z-Wave devices, the GoControl Z-Wave Siren and Strobe functions as a repeater in your Z-Wave home, shortening the distance between devices and thus broadening your network.

One unique model on the market today combines Z-Wave siren capabilities with a camera, door sensor, and switch. The Piper Classic All-In-One Security System is praised by consumers for its streamlined approach to smart security. Packaging common devices means that users spend less time shopping, installing, and troubleshooting – and more time reaping the benefits of their streamlined smart home.

Start by comparing Z-Wave sirens and other devices through the Z-Wave website, or shop, a site that provides comprehensive reviews and an extensive inventory. Home Depot, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Lowe’s all offer Z-Wave products in-store and online, and if you’re in the market for your first Z-Wave siren, it might pay to stop in and chat. You’ll be able to handle different models in order to evaluate which model might best meet your family’s needs – a bundled security package, like the Piper Classic All-In-One Security System might help to streamline your life, especially if your security needs are fairly basic. Something more sophisticated, like the Siren Gen5 by Aeotec, might make a more suitable choice if you’re looking to install Z-Wave sirens in multiple rooms, inside and out.

Z-Wave sirens serve as a way to discourage intruders who manage to get past the front door – or, in the case of an outdoor siren, the front gate. Z-Wave sirens can protect children, pets, and the elderly, alerting the neighborhood – and the police - should security be compromised. Z-Wave sirens can serve as an add-on to fire detector, extending the scope of the alarm efficiently and cost-effectively.

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