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A smart home – and a smart fan control – sounds expensive. Why should I invest?

The price of a Z-Wave fan controller – typically between twenty and fifty dollars, depending on available features – will enhance the comfort and efficiency of your home in ways you might not have anticipated. Consider this: with a smart Z-Wave fan control, you’ll be able to program the fan before you come home from work. You can shut it off from work, and reset it should the weather change suddenly. From room to room, you’ll have complete control over the fans throughout your home.

Plus, many Z-Wave fan controllers can work in tandem with other smart devices in your home to create a highly intiuitive environment for you and your family, in which your smart devices actually predict your behaviors, as well as regulate to changing climates. Paired with a temperature sensor, your smart fan could “learn” to turn on when the air warms to a certain degree – without your having to lift a finger.

And, Z-Wave fan controllers can be linked to timers, so you fall asleep to a fan, but it’s not left on all night.

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