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How would a Z-Wave fan control work in a smart home?

The first step in turning your home smart is to install the Z-Wave wireless network, which is an extremely robust but lightweight network that will never interfere with your WIFI. The network is designed to be easy to install – most homeowners do it themselves! But there are resources if technology intimidates you, from online forums to Z-Wave’s customer service line.

In a smart home, devices communicate with each other via a centralized “hub,” which delivers messages straight to the homeowner’s smart phone or tablet. Functioning as the heart of the smart home, the hub accepts messages delivered by the homeowner – shut off the fans, for example – and sends them straight to the device. Installed after the initial network is set up, the hub is where it all begins, so to speak, because once the “hub” is connected to the network, smart devices are added one by one. Then, once preferences are set, your smart devices go to work, learning your behavior and adjusting accordingly.

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