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How do I decide which Z-Wave fan control to buy?

Like most Z-Wave devices, Z-Wave fan controls are available in a range of styles and price points. So, it will help to decide what you’re looking for in a fan control, and how many you’ll need to purchase. If you’re starting with just one room, you might want to try something simple, basic, and multifunctional, like the Enerwave 3-Way Add-On Switch for Light/Fan Control to Z-Wave Dimmer Switch. Priced affordably, the Enerwave functions as a control and dimmer in one, so you can control one fan from anywhere. And, the Enerwave Switch reduces energy consumption by allowing you 24-7 access to your fans and lights.

The GE Z-Wave Smart Fan Control is another popular, if slightly pricier, option for those in search of a Z-Wave dimmer. This robust, highly-adaptable option allows for use alone or with up to six wiring configurations, and allows users to control fans through a mobile device. As with many Z-Wave smart devices, the GE Smart Fan Control enables users to create custom scenes, combining lighting, music, and fans, from anywhere in the world.

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