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How much does a Z-Wave sensor cost?

Z-Wave door sensors – and an entirely Z-Wave enabled home – will probably cost less than you think. Because Z-Wave’s solutions are designed with the user in mind, they tend to be easy to install and troubleshoot. The Z-Wave network, a robust wireless network that will not interfere with your family’s WIFI, is easy to set up, and it's even easier to add devices to your Z-Wave network one by one. As devices are added – smart light switches, door sensors, motion sensors, and water gauges – the Z-Wave network is strengthened, because the more devices you add, the more robust your network. Each device sends a signal through the next device, so although your Z-Wave “hub” may have a reach of fifty or a hundred feet, your “mesh” network of devices means that the scope of the network is actually much broader.

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