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Which Z-Wave door locks are best?

With so many Z-Wave compatible door locks to choose from, it makes sense to do your research so you can ensure that the Z-Wave lock you select is the one you’ll use for years to come. Luckily, websites like Z-Wave’s make it easy to compare reviews, specs, and product descriptions. Amazon offers thousands of consumer reviews, and trade magazines, like WIRED, can offer different perspectives. As you shop around, consider what you want and don’t want – is keyless entry a value to you? Do you prefer to enter a code or have the lock scan your fingerprint? Are you looking for something basic and lightweight or for a Z-Wave lock that’s more robust? Whatever your preferences, remember that the right Z-Wave lock is out there waiting for you.

Typically, consumers favor brands they trust. Accordingly, all Yale Z-Wave locks rank highly in Internet searches. Users praise easy installation, great memory (which allows dozens of “users” to have unique pin codes), a touchscreen deadbolt, and more. Consumers also appreciate the affordably priced Kwikset Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt series, whose models offer super-simple interfaces. Schlage makes a range of appealing models as well, and boasts great consumer reviews, reasonable pricing, and highly streamlined designs.

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