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How exactly does a Z-Wave door lock work?

All Z-Wave devices run on a unique wireless network – not your WIFI signal. This powerful but lightweight network is designed to connect to a range of home appliances and devices, from lights and fans to thermostats, kitchen appliances, and even Z-Wave locks. Once the Z-Wave network is installed, the user activates a controller or “hub,” which serves as the brain of the smart home. Then, devices are added one by one to the network, where each reports to the hub. The hub, in turn, directs information, alerts, and updates to the homeowner’s smart phone or tablet.

In the case of the Z-Wave door lock, the apparatus will self-monitor, alerting you to any problems – a faulty battery, say, or a potential intruder. You’ll program the Z-Wave lock according to your preferences and family’s needs – who has full access, for example, and what hours you’re usually out. Your Z-Wave door lock will know when you’re home and when you’re out, and will act accordingly. If anything comes up – you’re delayed at work, or you’ve got guests coming over and you need the house unlocked – you can access your Z-Wave door lock from wherever you are.

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