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Why not stick with my old dimmer?

There’s nothing wrong with holding on to a product you love – and for some homeowners, that product is as simple as a light dimmer switch. Dimmers can turn Monday-night meatloaf into something special. They can enhance bath time, bedtime, story hour, and movie night. Dimmers extend the lifetimes of light bulbs while delivering infinite lighting options. In other words, they’re integral to a home’s functionality – and to its beauty.

Why upgrade, then? First of all, consider this: Z-Wave dimmers are available at prices your family can afford. Z-Wave dimmers by Cooper, Leviton, and Enerwave are powerful, elegant, and affordable. They’re easy to install and connect to a Z-Wave network, and they’re guaranteed under Z-Wave’s rigorous qualification standards. Smart Z-Wave dimmers give you all the benefits of graded lighting, with the added bonus of anywhere-access. You’ll appreciate the security, comfort, and efficiency a smart dimmer can provide.

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