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How exactly does a smart Z-Wave dimmer work?

Smart homes are designed to work harder for their homeowners by automating systems and controls that previously needed human attention. In a typical smart home, lighting, heating and cooling, and security systems all “report” to a single controller or hub, which then relays messages to the user via his or her smart device. In the case of a Z-Wave automated home, specialized wiring – not a WIFI signal – is programmed throughout the home and then set to “communicate” with home security systems, temperature controls, entertainment systems, and much more.

As you “build” your smart home, consider this: the more Z-Wave-enabled devices you have, the stronger your Z-Wave network will be. That’s because Z-Wave operates on a mesh network, which means that devices send their signals through each other on the way to the controller. The more devices you have, the shorter the distances each signal has to travel. Z-Wave dimmers in every room are an easy, affordable way to strengthen your Z-Wave network while improving the functionality and overall comfort of your home.

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