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Frequently Asked Questions - Z-Wave Dimmer

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Z-Wave Dimmer

There’s nothing wrong with holding on to a product you love – and for some homeowners, that product is as simple as a light dimmer switch. Dimmers can turn Monday-night meatloaf into something special. They can enhance bath time, bedtime, story hour, and movie night. Dimmers extend the lifetimes of light bulbs while delivering infinite lighting options. In other words, they’re integral to a home’s functionality – and to its beauty.

Why upgrade, then? First of all, consider this: Z-Wave dimmers are available at prices your family can afford. Z-Wave dimmers by Cooper, Leviton, and Enerwave are powerful, elegant, and affordable. They’re easy to install and connect to a Z-Wave network, and they’re guaranteed under Z-Wave’s rigorous qualification standards. Smart Z-Wave dimmers give you all the benefits of graded lighting, with the added bonus of anywhere-access. You’ll appreciate the security, comfort, and efficiency a smart dimmer can provide.

Start by browsing dimmers online. Z-Wave’s website offers easy comparison shopping, competitive prices, and clear specs and overviews. Amazon is always good for unbiased consumer reviews, and the site is great for comparison shopping, too.

Next, consider visiting a local retailer. Big-box electronics stores, like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Target, can all be relied upon to carry a selection of Z-Wave devices, including Z-Wave dimmers. You’ll be able to compare sizes, colors, and prices in person – and you can get your questions answered right away.

As you’re shopping, don’t be afraid to seek out labels your family trusts – GE, Cooper, and Leviton have been in the business for decades. Or, prioritize practicality: Dragon Tech, for example, sells convenient 3-pack multi-level dimmer switches, and Enerwave’s Scene Controllers can be customized to sync groups of devices, like lights, thermostats, and entertainment systems. Basically, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Z-Wave devices, and your family’s preferences should be paramount.

Smart homes are designed to work harder for their homeowners by automating systems and controls that previously needed human attention. In a typical smart home, lighting, heating and cooling, and security systems all “report” to a single controller or hub, which then relays messages to the user via his or her smart device. In the case of a Z-Wave automated home, specialized wiring – not a WIFI signal – is programmed throughout the home and then set to “communicate” with home security systems, temperature controls, entertainment systems, and much more.

As you “build” your smart home, consider this: the more Z-Wave-enabled devices you have, the stronger your Z-Wave network will be. That’s because Z-Wave operates on a mesh network, which means that devices send their signals through each other on the way to the controller. The more devices you have, the shorter the distances each signal has to travel. Z-Wave dimmers in every room are an easy, affordable way to strengthen your Z-Wave network while improving the functionality and overall comfort of your home.

The best Z-Wave dimmer for you depends on your family’s priorities: are you looking for something inexpensive and simple, or more sophisticated? Keep in mind that Z-Wave dimmers are designed to be priced affordably, so you shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a powerful, useful Z-Wave dimmer that works hard over the long term.

That being said, a few models have stood out in recent consumer reports: Enerwave’s Z-Wave Dimmer Switches are praised for their ease of use and long range. These models are easy to program and reset, and offer a range of options for any homeowner. Leviton’s Low Voltage Scene Capable Dimmer boasts 49 possible combinations of fade rates, from soft to instant, and provides a powerful Energy Save option that extends LED bulb life over time.

Leviton is consistently praised for producing easy-to-use dimmers that respond quickly to user requests. Though priced slightly higher than comparable brands, Leviton’s sleek designs and functional detailing – green LEDs on the dimmer that indicate current brightness, for example – validate the price difference. GE’s Z-Wave light switches are easy to use and traditionally very affordable. AEON, Lutron, and Fibaro are highly popular brands among consumers; check consumer reviews and trade write-ups before making your final choice.

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