Stelpro KI Thermostat for Electric Baseboards and Convectors - STZW402WB

by Stelpro
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This thermostat designed and manufactured specifically for the smart home, can control electric baseboards and convectors up to 4000W.

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The KI thermostat for the smart home is the first ever Z-Wave line voltage thermostat in North America. KI thermostats can easily be integrated into the Z-Wave network of your home, allowing you to adjust the temperature in rooms of your home from a distance. The Z-Wave technology also allows you to activate scenes, setting in motion several actions such as adjusting the temperature and lighting, activation of safety and entertainment systems and more.

  • Minimum load wattage – 150/300watts 
  • Maximum load wattage – 2000/4000 
  • Voltage – 120/240 
  • Amperage – 16.7 amp 
  • Frequency – 50/60Hz 
  • Temperature Range - from 5 to 30 °C (from 41 to 86 °F)