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Z-Wave Smart Thermostat; 2 stage, 3 stage, heat pump (TBZ500)

Ecolink Z-Wave Smart Thermostat; 2 stage, 3 stage, heat pump (TBZ500)

Z-Wave Plus
500 series
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Ecolink's TBZ500 wireless smart thermostat supports 24VAC and battery operation, making it ideal for use with a wide range of HVAC systems. With its robust thermostat interface and compatibility with Z-Wave systems, you can easily monitor and control your home's temperature from anywhere.

The TBZ500 supports 2-stage heating, 2-stage cooling for standard gas/electric HVAC systems, and 3-stage heating, 2-stage cooling for heat pump systems. Plus, with selectable fan and heat pump change over valve options, you can customize your settings to suit your preferences. And in heat pump mode, the emergency heat mode is selectable from the thermostat.

With its backlit 128 segment LCD and 7-character message bar, the TBZ500 is easy to use and program. And with its adjustable compressor short cycle protection delay of 5 minutes, you can enjoy even greater control over your home's temperature.

  • Z-Wave Plus® Certified, S2 Security
  • Firmware update via Z-Wave® OTA
  • Standard gas/electric HVAC Systems: 2-stage heating, 2-stage cooling
  • Heat Pump HVAC Systems: 3-stage heating, 2-stage cooling
  • Fan system: Selectable for gas or electric heat systems
  • Heat Pump Change Over Valve (reversing valve): Selectable for change over with heat or change over with cool (O or B output)
  • Emergency Heat: In Heat Pump Mode, Emergency Heat Mode is selectable from the thermostat
  • Compressor short cycle protection delay of 5 minutes (adjustable)
  • Backlit fixed 128 segment B/W LCD with 7-character message bar


Ecolink/RCS TBZ500 thermostat is compatible with most HVAC systems, including the following:

 24VAC systems Note: requires both the 24VAC R and C (“common”) wires unless battery powered.

Standard gas/oil/electric heating systems o 1 stage heating and cooling o 2 stage heating and cooling

Heat Pump systems:

o 1 stage heating and cooling

o 2 stage heating and cooling

o 2 nd or 3rd stage Auxiliary heating (heat strips)

 Do NOT use for line voltage controls (120/240VAC) The thermostat can either be powered by batteries or 24VAC. Battery Powered Operation The thermostat can be powered by four AA Alkaline batteries. The thermostat will operate for approximately two years on four AA Alkaline batteries depending on the frequency of user operations and backlight operation. Always use Alkaline batteries and replace all four at the same time with NEW batteries. Z-Wave Operation when Battery Powered Important Note: If the thermostat is installed on a Z-Wave network, while it is battery powered, it does not work as a Z-Wave repeater.

24VAC Powered Operation Powering the thermostat with 24VAC power requires both the C wire (24VAC common wire - typically blue) and the R wire (24VAC hot wire - typically Red). If the C wire is not available, then batteries are required. Note! If the thermostat is powered from 24VAC, do not install batteries! Z-Wave Operation when 24VAC powered If the thermostat is installed on a Z-Wave network while it is 24VAC powered, it operates as an always-on Z-Wave repeater.

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Frequently asked questions

Which version of Z-Wave does Ecolink Z-Wave Smart Thermostat use?

Ecolink Z-Wave Smart Thermostat uses Z-Wave Plus and utilises Z-Wave's 500 series wireless antenna.