Aeotec WallMote 7 Battery Powered Z-Wave Remote Control ZWA022

by Aeotec
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Battery powered Z-Wave remote control designed to look like a regular light switch. This Z-Wave remote control can be used to easily add a light switch or dimmer to any location in your home to control smart lighting.  This versatile smart remote can also be used as a scene controller.


Part of Aeotec's illumino range of switches, including illumino Dimmer Switch and illumino Switch, illumino WallMote 7;

  • looks and operates like a wall switch, but is built as a battery-powered,  Z-Wave remote control
  • works as a Z-Wave scene controller with a total of 7 button-press combinations available (multi-tap functionality requires gateway compatibility)
  • engineered using the latest version of Z-Wave - 700 series
  • powered by 2 x CR2032 batteries
  • can be wall-mounted using provided materials;
    • within a North American standard gang box
    • upon a wall using double sided tape or screws
  • can be removed from its wall-mount easily as it attaches magnetically

Install a new switch anywhere in your property easily - no wiring required.

While it looks like a wall switch and operates like a wall switch, what makes WallMote truly powerful is that it is really a remote control. Battery powered, you just need to stick it on a wall or surface to install it. Once synced with your hub, you can control any dimmer, switch or automation routine by using WallMote as you would any other switch.