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Easy to install, Z-Wave LED light bulbs allow you to wirelessly control your home lighting. Choose from soft-white illumination or have fun with RGBW bulbs which allow you to choose the color and intensity of your lights. Not sure where to start? Ask an Expert

What To Look For In Z-Wave Plus Smart LED Light Bulbs?
When searching for a Z-Wave Plus smart home LED light bulb, there are several key criteria to look for. While all smart LED light bulbs may brighten, dim, and change colors, not all bulbs are created equal. When looking for the best Z-Wave smart bulbs, first take a look at compatibility. Ideally, your chosen LED smart home light bulbs will be compatible with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and a variety of Z-Wave devices. At the same time, you should pay attention to size, temperature, and color changing capabilities. This way, you can select the most efficient Z-Wave Plus smart LED light bulb to power your home.