Z-Stick Gen5/Z-Stick Gen5+

by Aeotec
SKU ZW090-A-Plus

Z-Stick Gen5+

Usually, the most expensive part of any smart home is its gateway – that's the software-powered hub that binds all your connected devices together in order to control and automate them. With Aeotec’s Z-Stick Gen5+ your gateway no longer needs to be expensive. Nor does it need to be a security or privacy risk. Z-Stick Gen5+ lets you build your own, locally hosted gateway. A gateway that is cloud free and that offers the features and security that are just right for you and your individual vision.

Z-Stick Gen5 has long been the Z-Wave community's USB tool for building a gateway hub. It's a best-seller because of its compatibility, its quality, and its functionalities. This new, 2020, plus-model brings a whole new array of compatibility and functionality to a USB stick already powering over 100,000 smart homes.

Z-Stick Gen5+ offers compatibility with newer technologies than non +/plus, standard Z-Stick Gen5. This includes Raspberry Pi 4 compatibility, and native Z-Wave SmartStart and Z-Wave S2 compatibilities.


Manually unpair/exclude Z-Wave devices


1. Unplug the Z-Stick Gen5 from any USB connection, this will enable Network management mode.

2. Press and hold the button on Z-Stick Gen5+. 

3. Its LED will blink an Amber color rapidly to indicate it is in unpair/exclude mode. Quickly release the button.

4. Follow the instruction of the Z-Wave device that you want to unpair. Typically the button press on the Z-Wave device is a single tap, but some have special button presses (ie. hold for 2 seconds and release, triple tap, double tap, etc).

  • Z-Stick Gen5+ LED will confirm if it paired something successfully by showing a solid blue LED for 2 seconds before returning to a fast blinking Amber color LED.

5. Repeat step 3 for any device you want to unpair if you have multiple devices that you need to exclude.

6. When done, tap the button once on Z-Stick Gen5+ to bring it out of unpair/exclude mode. The LED will de-activate.