Z-Wave Smart Home Automation Hubs And Controllers

Z-Wave Smart Control over every facet of your home

All Z-Wave networks start with a Z-Wave hub. A Z-Wave hub will sometimes be referred to as a Z-Wave controller. A hub with several radios is commonly called a gateway. No matter what the name, the purpose of the hub is to act as a central point for your Z-Wave devices. This allows you to control (or receive information from) your smart home from your home (with local control) as well as anywhere you can get to the internet. Z-Wave is exceptionally modular, so you can keep the costs down as you build your automation network.

Of course, choosing the right Z-Wave hub controller for your smart home is no easy decision. To buy the best zwave hub, consider how many devices you will need to control. With the right z-wave hub controller, you can combine various home automation devices with z wave plus, 7000 series speeds and more. Z-Wave hub controllers give you freedom over your system, in terms of orchestration and customization. Installing your Zwave controller, you can maximize home security, improve appliance functionality, and boost your energy efficiency. At the same time, these smart hubs provide reliable smart home management insights and remote control of a wide range of household appliances.

When shopping for a controller, know what your long term goals are. Ask us for guidance on determining the correct hub for those goals. Buying a hub that won’t work with Amazon Echo will be a poor choice if one of your goals is to control lights from Alexa. If cameras are a big draw, you’re not going to be happy if your shiny gateway won’t run multiple cameras.

Let us use our 12+ years of experience to get you the correct Z-Wave controller. Ask us a question via Ask An Expert.

Why Z-Wave Hubs?

Of course, there are many valuable reasons to invest in the best Z-Wave smart home automation hub and controller technology. The top Z-Wave Plus scene controllers are a fundamental part of any smart, connected home. Afterall, they enable all the other smart home products in your house to work together, which will keep your home connected even when you are not present. At the same time, the top rated Z-Wave hubs and scene controllers are the first major step to setting up, and connecting your smart home.