Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Range Extender, Repeater and Signal Amplifier - ZW117


Aeotec Range Extender is a Z-Wave mesh network repeater that can extend the range of communication between Z-Wave products and assist other devices to reach each other in your Z-Wave network. 

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Aeon Labs Repeater is a low-cost Z-Wave mesh network repeater and signal amplifier used to extend the range of communication between Z-Wave products in the same network. The repeater supports Z-Wave explorer frames which allows for Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) and dynamic route discovery for other Z-Wave products that support explorer frames.

With an unobtrusive small form factor, the Aeon Labs Repeater will not block the lower AC outlet (when plugged into the top outlet).

Product highlights:

  • Extends the range, reliability and boosts the signal strength
  • of communication between Z-Wave devices
  • Supports Z-Wave Explorer Frames. Repeats Z-Wave messages
  • Small form factor that is not intrusive and does not block
  • other outlets
  • Screw hole secures repeater to wall outlets
  • Powered by 120VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 50°C
  • Relative humidity: 8% to 80%
  • Product dimension: 46x46x38.6mm
  • Packaging size: 76x58x68mm
  • Shipping weight: 0.06kg
  • Available Z-Wave regions and the frequency numbers: US/AU/EU/UK;
  • 908.42MHz/921.42MHz/868.42MHz/868.42MHz
  • List of Certifications: Z-Wave, FCC, ETL (US)/Z-Wave,
  • CE (EU)/Z-Wave, C-Tick, SAA (AU)

Model number: ZW117
Operating distance: Up to 300 feet/100 meters outdoors.
Input: 120V~, 60Hz. (USA Version)
230V~, 50Hz. (EU, AU, CN Version)
230V~, 60Hz. (BR version)
Operating temperature: 0℃ to 40℃.
Relative humidity: 8% to 80%.

Weight (specify lbs ): 0.13 pound
Dimensions: Height: 1.81 inch
Depth: 1.52 inch
Width: 1.81 inch